Eco-Friendly Urban Waste Disposal Services in Ontario


Waste management solutions for restaurants

Synergy Conversion provides comprehensive waste management services to retail and urban facilities, including retail malls, resorts, restaurants, and food production facilities.

Our solutions are designed to help you manage and dispose of generated waste in the most efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly manner. From secure product destruction to innovative refuse-derived fuel technologies, Synergy Conversion is the perfect waste management partner for urban businesses.

Some examples of urban waste we manage include:

  • Health and beauty products
  • Expired products
  • Infested products
  • Recalled products
  • Leftover organics or food and beverages
  • Damaged stock or materials
  • Promotional merchandise
  • Sensitive documents
  • International regulated waste
Waste management solutions for restaurants

Introducing Refuse-Derived Fuel Technology

Synergy Conversion is an expert provider of refuse-derived fuel technology, an alternative method to traditional waste management that safely handles all types of waste, including mixed plastics, glass, paper, food, hygienic waste, and more. It is safe, cost-efficient, convenient and sustainable.

Using a completely mechanical process, refuse-derived fuel technology captures the energy in non-recyclable waste and turns it into a renewable energy source known as refuse-derived fuel (RDF).

RDF is an inert, sterile and odourless energy replacement for fossil fuels. It is much lighter and smaller than pre-treated and unsorted waste because the treatment process can reduce the weight by 50% and the volume by 80%. It removes the need for large waste storage space as it can be vacuum-packed and safely stored for over 90 days at room temperature, with no risk of odour or bacteria proliferation.

Why Use Refuse-Derived Fuel Technology

Adding RDF efforts to the waste management strategy of urban facilities will ensure greater recycling of generated waste, lower waste management costs, and improve your environmental impact.

Harnessing RDF technology can be a great cost-saver for any facility. Unlike traditional recycling methods, our RDF technology can process unsorted mixed waste in varied sizes and moisture content, removing the need to sort and store generated waste consistently.

Our Onsite Waste Management Solution: The Converter®MO Series

The Converter®MO series from Synergy Conversion brings refuse-derived technology right to your doorstep. This series is a modular, plug-and-play installation that is easy to set up and operate in your facility. Smaller than a typical compactor, it can process mall, food court, hygienic waste and contaminated recyclables in just 30 minutes, eliminating the rodent and leakage issues of current waste disposal bins.

Our Converter®MO machines eliminate the need for waste segregation and allow for waste treatment onsite without using chemicals, combustion, or microwaves. The process is also emission- and odour-free, making it ideal for use within the current waste management sections of shopping plazas, restaurants, and resorts.

The Converter®MO series comes in eight different size models, with process powers ranging from 4-6kg per hour to 500-600kg per hour and volumes ranging from 25 to 5000 litres. To determine which model is best for your facility, please get in touch with our team to learn more about the specifications of each Converter®MO model.

Offsite Waste Management Service

Synergy Conversion offers full-service offsite waste treatment solutions to businesses from waste pick-up to disposal. Our team is fully trained to safely collect, handle, and transport waste generated from businesses. Our in-house waste treatment machine transforms incoming waste into RDF within a single plant in a clean and odourless environment.

The Industries We Serve

Malls and Retail

We are a trusted waste management partner for many shopping centres, mall complexes, and outlet malls. These facilities’ waste streams typically comprise of:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Styrofoam
  • Wood
  • Organic waste (from the food court)
  • General waste
  • Unwanted products
  • Construction debris

We understand that malls tend to produce a high volume of low-density waste in a short time. Our Converter® machines can be installed directly within the mall facilities, taking up less space than a typical compactor. They also help reduce the number of waste storage bins needed as all generated waste can be treated right where it is created, lowering management costs and saving precious space.


Building a waste management strategy suited to your resort is key to saving you money and helping preserve the environment. We understand that resorts often find separating recyclable waste from their trash difficult due to the diversity of staff and the continuous 24-hour operations schedule. Our Converter® machines can help significantly lower costs by removing the need to sort waste and reducing the amount of trash sent to landfill. They can also eliminate common rodent and leakage issues of current waste disposal bins, making your resort safe and hospitable for guests.


Synergy Conversion offers onsite and offsite waste management services to businesses in the food industry, including restaurants and food production facilities. Our Converter® machines are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They remove the need to store organic waste, eliminating common rodent and leakage issues of current disposal bins to ensure your facility is clean and safe for consumers.

Document Destruction

At Synergy Conversion, we have a comprehensive suite of services designed to protect your and your business’s private information. Our information destruction service includes paper shredding, media and hard drive destruction, and film destruction.

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