PPE Biomedical Waste Management in Ontario


Synergy Conversion offers comprehensive waste management services to help keep you, your employees, and your customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our innovative solutions are simple, cost-efficient, and scalable, so we can adapt to your changing needs in these unprecedented times.

Waste Management Solutions During COVID-19

Many employees are now wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks and gloves, in their work environment to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To keep all staff and employees safe, employers are now seeking professional medical waste disposal services to collect and dispose of used PPE and COVID-19 testing materials.

Synergy Conversion is a leading expert in regulated medical waste streams. With our frontier waste management technologies and products, you can count on us to help you optimally manage all medical waste and achieve the highest standards of safety, regulatory compliance, and environmental sustainability.

Introducing Refuse-Derived Fuel Technology

Synergy Conversion is a trusted provider of refuse-derived fuel technology, an alternative method to traditional waste management that safely handles all types of waste, including sharps, biohazardous, and infectious waste. It is safe, affordable, convenient and sustainable.

Using a completely mechanical process, refuse-derived fuel technology captures the energy in non-recyclable waste and turns it into a renewable energy source known as refuse-derived fuel (RDF).

RDF is an inert, sterile and odourless energy replacement for fossil fuels. It is much lighter and smaller than pre-treated and unsorted waste because the treatment process can reduce the weight by 50% and the volume by 80%. It removes the need to quarantine waste and saves precious space as it can be safely stored for over 90 days at room temperature, with no risk of odour or bacteria proliferation when vacuum-packed.

Why Use Refuse-Derived Fuel Technology

Our RDF machines treat your PPE waste and turn it into a totally unrecognizable, odourless, and sterilized energy source. Adding this innovative method to the waste management strategy of your business ensures that your employees’ PPE is disposed of safely and helps reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 in the workplace.

In addition, harnessing RDF technology can be a great cost-saver for any facility. Unlike traditional recycling methods, our RDF machines can process unsorted mixed waste in varied sizes and moisture content, removing the need to sort generated waste consistently. It also eliminates the use of large waste storage systems as our onsite RDF machines can instantly convert and reduce the size of your waste by 50% in just 30 minutes.

Other Advantages of Using RDF include the following:

  • No processing emissions
  • Waste management GHG reduction by 50%
  • No off-gassing
  • No landfill leaching
  • No bacteria or virus
  • Decreased volume of waste
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emission

We Treat Your PPE Waste Offsite

Synergy Conversion offers full-service offsite waste treatment solutions to businesses from waste pick-up to disposal. Our team is fully trained to safely collect, handle, and transport PPE waste and other forms of mixed waste from businesses. Our in-house waste treatment machine transforms incoming waste into RDF within a single plant in a clean and odourless environment.

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