Eco-Friendly Medical Waste Disposal Services in Ontario


Hospital waste management

At Synergy Conversion, we provide medical waste disposal solutions and a wide range of containment systems to healthcare facilities such as:

Our solutions are designed to help you manage all healthcare waste disposal in the most efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly manner. From safe containment systems to innovative refuse-derived fuel technologies, Synergy Conversion is the perfect waste management partner for healthcare facilities.

Hospital waste management

Onsite Waste Management Service: The Converter®H Series

The Converter®H series from Synergy Conversion provides an alternative way to manage and treat any non-recyclable organic, municipal, and biological hazardous waste traditionally sent to landfills or incinerated. The Converter®H series uses an entirely mechanical process to effectively treat medical waste in just 30 minutes and produce a final product known as refuse-derived fuel (RDF).

The Converter®H series is a risk-free technology. It eliminates the need for waste segregation and allows for waste treatment onsite without using chemicals, combustion, or microwaves. It is also emission-free, with no risk of pollutants or toxic contaminants released into the air.

The Converter®H series comes in eight different size models, with process powers ranging from 4-6kg per hour to 500-600kg per hour and volumes ranging from 25 to 5000 litres. To determine which model is best for your facility, please get in touch with our team to learn more about the specifications of each Converter®H model.

Offsite Waste Management Service

Synergy Conversion offers offsite waste treatment services, including waste pick up from the healthcare facility. Our in-house treatment plants receive, operate and transform mixed waste within a single plant in a clean and odourless environment. Incoming waste may be any unsorted and mixed waste variable in size and moisture content, including biological hazardous waste. Just like our onsite Converter®, the final product produced is RDF and can be reused as an energy source.

Our offsite services are available to all our medical industry clients, including hospitals, dental clinics, vet clinics and hospitals, medical and dental schools, pharmaceutical facilities, nursing homes, and laboratories.

Other Waste Disposal Capabilities

Sharps Waste Management and Disposal

Synergy Conversion offers a wide range of reusable and disposable sharps containers tailored to your facility type and size. Our innovative sharps disposal systems are designed with your and your patients’ safety in mind.

Biohazardous Waste Management

It’s crucial to handle medical and healthcare waste with care during its collection, transport and disposal. Biohazardous waste may include:

  • Anatomical solid and liquid waste from humans and animals
  • Microbiological waste
  • Equipment
  • Sharps
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical waste

At Synergy Conversion, we offer durable biomedical waste bags that are puncture- and leak-resistant to keep your healthcare workers and patients safe from spillage, leakage, and cross-contamination.

Pharmaceutical Waste Management

Our pharmaceutical waste collection systems are designed with safety and security in mind. Our containers feature an inbuilt locking mechanism to mitigate the risk of tampering and unauthorized access to discarded pharmaceuticals. They also have a built-in seal to minimize the risk of infection and prevent any accidental liquid leakage.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Waste is considered hazardous if it has any of the following characteristics: reactive, flammable, ignitable, corrosive, infectious, explosive, and poisonous. As a chosen partner working with multiple healthcare facilities, Synergy Conversion provides expert advice on the safest and most effective collection, transport, and treatment options to minimize cost and environmental impact. With our expertise, you can rest assured that any generated hazardous waste is disposed of in compliance with the most stringent local and federal regulations.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Refuse-Derived Fuel

At Synergy, we process waste into RDF, also known as Refuse-Derived Fuel. In comparison to pre-treated waste, RDF is completely unrecognizable, odourless, and sterile. It is much lighter and smaller as the treatment process can reduce the weight by 50% and the volume by 80%. RDF can even be vacuum-packed and stored for over 90 days at room temperature, with no risk of odour or bacteria proliferation.

A significant advantage of RDF is its high caloric value. RDF is an environmentally-friendly energy alternative to fossil fuels. It is used worldwide to produce electricity alongside traditional fuel types in power stations and can also be used as bedding or filler for non-structural concrete.

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